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Barbara McGillicuddy's Facebook Page. I am proud to be sharing with you my life's work and hope you will be blessed by it. I am an author, a professional singer/songwriter and I am an avid advocate for the welfare of animals. It is my ultimate goal to put forth an enlightening, loving and entertaining type of media based on the love of all living things through my music and my books and to take the profits from these things and put them to use in the world of animal well-being.

Having been the Florida State Coordinator for Catahoula Rescue Inc., I know first hand the great need of our "little ones" and I also know it will be a big task. I have dedicated my life to helping animals. I hope to create a low cost health care organization benefiting these beings. It is my desire to use my God-given talents to facilitate my dreams for the animals.


Barbara McGillicuddy and Mayor Ron Swank
Barbara & Mayor
Ron Swank

Titusville Community Rally to Support Local Singer/Song Writer in Music Video Shoot
(Titusville, FL) - Singer/Song Writer and Author Barbara McGillicuddy to shoot comedic music video launching her new blues song titled "38 Reasons" at the Emma Parrish Theater in Titusville, Florida. Set in a 1920's era bar room in the New Orleans famed area of Storyville, a scorned woman chases her man all across the Delta until she corners him down in the French Quarter.

My new CD The music cd is a collection of uplifting mind, body, spirit, soul songs. The songs all have positive, heartwarming messages and they are meant to soothe and heal. It is my utmost desire to use my music to spread peace and love to the world through the Great, Holy Light of our Creator God.

  • A Walk Through Time-written by Barbara McGillicuddy arranged by Barbara Bradley
  • The Holy One-written and arranged by Barbara McGillicuddy
  • Angelina's Angel Song-written and arranged by Barbara McGillicuddy
  • A Song For Hope-written and arranged by Barbara McGillicuddy
  • God's Love That's Right-written and arranged by Barbara McGillicuddy
  • Let Go Let God-written by Barbara McGillicuddy arranged by Barbara Bradley
  • Swingin' On the Light of God-written and arranged by Barbara McGillicuddy
  • Amazing Grace-written by John Newton and arranged by Barbara McGillicuddy

Buddie Saves The Day Adventures in the Kingdom of Mim:
Book I–Buddie Saves The Day

This is an ongoing series of children's book that encompasses stories about real animals that have come through my dog rescue, Catahoula Rescue, Inc. The dogs come to the Kingdom of Mim watched over by the very kind Queen Boo after being rescued from animal shelters. They come with burdens, sometimes health, sometimes emotional, and all the animals in the Kingdom of Mim come together to create a solution. They hold paws and ask God for guidance and then set out to fix the problems.

The book has a cd, which is narrated by Miss Barbara their human, and has song ditties through out the cd as the animals sing. The remarkable multi-talented Yvette Whitmore of Titusville does the illustrations for this series. She has taken what I had in my head and brought to life the most adorable characters I have ever seen.

There are a total of nine children's books to be brought forth for this series, thus far. The next book Adventures in the Kingdom of Mim: Duke Gets Adopted is coming very soon.

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Our book: A Walk Through Time is an amazing story of a life lived in antebellum Louisiana involving a woman named Angelina Mae Walker. She was a spy for the Confederate Army and had notes and medicines sewn into the hems of her petticoats to get the Rebels. The book is two fold: it is an historical documentation of trying either to prove or disprove the existence of this woman. I searched through old records and censuses and wrote the book in journal form as things unfolded. I was blown away by all of the factual proof I was able to uncover. Most of all, the book is about Creator God. It is a wonderful testament to His amazing Love and Light and most of all, His wishes for our existence as human beings.

Barbara with a Catahoula
Barbara McGillicuddy
Catahoula Rescue, State of Florida
Vice President Catahoula Rescue, Inc.

Adventures in the Kingdom of Mim - Buddie Saves the Day $13.95 USD
A Walk Through Time - paperback $14.99 USD
A Walk Through Time - CD $11.95 USD

Barbara McGillicuddy at 2005 Titusville Memorial Day Services

Barbara McGillicuddy, Memorial Day, Titusville, Florida, 2005

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